Re-installing your Drupal 8 site if using docker

22 February 2018

Periodically you'll get a big error, screw git or composer up royally, but still want a clean, fresh copy of the site as it is the Dev or Production site.

That happened to me on the day before a big QA review. Here are the steps I ran to help you out too:

  • Kill current site

    • Docker ps (copy your container ID)

    • Docker stop ID

    • Docker rm ID

    • Docker ps

    • Close any open Git GUI tools

    • Delete git repo

  • Get new copy of site

    • Git clone repo-url

    • Git checkout branch

    • open repo, then run amazeeio-cachalot up

    • docker-compose up -d

    • docker-compose exec -u drupal drupal bash

    • composer install

    • drush sa

    • dsql @dev

    • dfiles @dev