I am a freelance Drupal developer based in London and have been using the technology since 2007. I founded my local user group Drupal West London in 2014 and have been organising monthly meetups with it since. I have also been involved in training apprentice Drupal developers and digital teams.

I have worked for:
Drupal agencies : Microserve, NDP, Five Mile, Agile Collective
Digital agencies : Havas Workclub, Click, Studio Output, Hex Digital, UsVs, Sliced Bread Animation
Creative : Tate Gallery, Not Just A Label
Education : Oxford University, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, Kings College School
Charities : The Health Foundation, Christian Aid, Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
Social enterprises : Poached Creative, Creative Carers
Other : Toyota, Team GB, Kind Consumer

Web development skills
✩ Front end : SASS, HTML5, CSS3, Grunt, Gulp
✩ Hosting : Pantheon, Amazee.io & Acquia Cloud
✩ Local environment : Drush, Vagrant, Virtual Box, Acquia Dev Desktop
✩ Tools : Terminal, iTerm 2, Sublime Text, Atom, PHP Storm, Cyberduck SFTP
✩ Drupal development : Drush, Drupal Commons, Acquia Dev Desktop, Drupal Commerce, UberCart

Drupal community
✩ Mentoring apprentices & creating open source curriculum for learning Drupal - Open Drupal
✩ Speaking at Drupal camps & meetups
✩ Organising & facilitating a BoF (birds of a feather) session at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014
✩ Contributing & reviewing front end patches during sprints at Drupal Dev Days Szeged, Drupalaton & DrupalCon Amsterdam

Drupal Camps attended
✩ 2014 : London, Drupal Developer Days Szeged, Yorkshire, North East, Drupalaton & DrupalCon Amsterdam
✩ 2015 : London, Brighton, Bristol, North, Drupalaton & Scotland
✩ 2016 : London, Brighton, Bristol & Drupal Developer Days Milan
✩ 2017 : London, Bristol, Business Days Frankfurt, Drupalaton, Belgium (Antwerp), DrupalCon Vienna, MoldCamp, Dublin

Web dev conferences attended
✩ Future of Web Design 2015, Future of Web Apps 2015, PHP UK Conference 2016