16 March 2015
Over the past year we have been interviewing people at Drupal Camps about their journeys into the community, how they are contributing and what they are working on.

The first video is with Aimee Degnan, CEO & Founder of Hook 42, a Drupal shop based in San Francisco. We filmed this video during DrupalCon Amsterdam at the fantastic Beurs van Berlage, the old Stock Exchange and home to the extended 9 days of sprints took place.
9 February 2015
There are only 3 weeks left until DrupalCamp London takes place (Fri 27 February - Sun 1 March). It will be hosted by City University London in Angel as it has for the past 2 years.

Whether you're a Drupal pro or just want to learn more, follow the link for weekend, business day and volunteer tickets.
16 January 2015
I'm at #DrupalCampBrighton this morning and the rest of the weekend.

Really looking forward to sharing knowledge about the awesome open source web content management system and catching up with the local, UK & international community. Working on #Drupal8 and meeting contributors will be awesome too.
30 October 2014
Today the Drupal Security Team released Drupal core 7.32 to fix a SQL injection vulnerability. The security risk for this vulnerability is rated as Highly Critical. All Drupal 7 sites are exposed to the vulnerability until they are upgraded or patched, therefore the Security Team strongly recommends immediate action.
22 September 2014
On Friday 19th September the last Drupal 8 beta blocker issue was fixed and we are now looking forward to the beta being released.