9 August 2017
I finally got around to launching the alpha of my personal website last week using Drupal 8, which I’d been planning to get around to for quite some time. I’ve managed to migrate my blog posts across and just need to work on adding the images, this time using the power of the Paragraphs module for all content.
4 August 2017
After the tweet above from Paul Johnson caught my interest, I started looking at the number of members reported on categorised under United Kingdom for both individuals and organisations. As there was data available from 2007, I wanted to see what this looked like over time.
29 July 2017
I’ve setup quite a few existing Drupal 7 websites, but setting up a brand new Drupal 8 site is a little different as you can do so from the Composer template and save lots of time. Although it is possible to run Drupal 8 sites without Composer, I strongly suggest you use it.
24 July 2017
I just bought a new Mac and decided I would install everything from scratch, no migration just a nice clean machine with only what I really needed on it.