2018 European Drupal camps I’m most excited about

2 November 2017

If you know me, you’ll know I’m no stranger to attending Drupal camps. In both 2014 and 2015 I went to 6, and in 2016 I went to 4. This year I went a whopping 7 camps and 1 DrupalCon.

Some people may think that’s crazy, but I see it as a freelancer, I see it as a valuable personal development / training time, in addition to being inspired. The community was a good excuse helping me to visit Ireland & Moldova for the first time (DrupalCamp Dublin & MoldCamp).

One of the great things about traveling to a Drupal camp in another country is the ability to see the culture through the local people’s eyes, and also have some things planned for you. Not to mention the thrill of learning the language, but most importantly ordering tasty food in the local language gives me an excitement that web development can’t compete with.

There are many camps I’d like to go to again, and many others I’ve not yet had the pleasure of attending. These are the ones that stand out to me the most from the ones that are on my radar.

For me it’s too early to start making plans as now that our son is 1.5 years old, we will soon be able to visit our family in Canada, the USA & India. If those happen there might not be any budget left for any Drupal related travel :)

The only ones I know I’ll definitely be attending are IronCamp and DrupalCamp London as it’s pretty cool and conveniently where I live. It will be awesome to also visit Poland & Ukraine for the first time so those would be awesome if they work out.

If any of the above camps are on your wish list too, get in contact. We may be able to plan things together.