I'm British and my family is from India. I was born in London and have lived here for my whole life.
I love being creative especially when it comes to being funny and performing as a comedian or improvisation artist.
I enjoy visiting art and photography exhibitions.
I am a travel addict and have lived and worked for charities in Brazil for 8 months, Netherlands for 2 months & India for 2 months.
I enjoy learning languages and speak English, Punjabi, French, Spanish and basic Italian.

What I’m doing
I work as a Director & Web Developer for my own digital agency (Imagine Creativity) where I am currently shifting my role from development to marketing & sales.

I am also setting up a non-profit / social enterprise that delivers digital skills to young people, unemployed and disadvantaged people.

I’m really good at
Problem solving, coming up with interesting conversation topics .. and sometimes listening :)

The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humour, my storytelling, or how crazy I can be

I'm a spontaneous, sometimes random, creative adventure seeker.

My claim to fame is performing in Rio de Janeiro doing a stand up comedy show in Portuguese (mixed with some English for the words I hadn't learnt yet), it was a great feat of improvisation. I belong to a community of social enterprises and sustainability organisations.

In the past I worked as a youth worker, facilitator. I love improving people's lives or just putting a smile on somebody's face.

You may find me in the kitchen inventing new recipes, eating international cuisine or trying different food from all around the world.

Imagine Creativity (www.imaginecreativity.co.uk) is the portfolio of websites developed by myself, pre-domininantly in Drupal with a few in Wordpress.

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